11 essential ingredients of a good fitness instructor

Fitness instructor with female client

To get the physical result that you want, a good fitness trainer should be able to provide you with good fitness training, proper nutrition, and allows you sufficient rest. But how do you spot a great fitness instructor?

Here are the 11 essential ingredients.

  1. You get your money’s worth. Whether you are new or a regular at the gym, a good physical instructor allows you to maximise your workout. As qualified professionals, their task is to understand your goal and keep you up to speed with new trends and techniques.
  2. They are realistic. If your goal is to achieve 120 lbs. from your current 160 lbs. weight in a month your fitness instructor will tell you that losing numbers doesn’t always mean getting healthy. You may lose a pound or two with the right nutrition, the consistency of your workout and your willingness to stay healthy. There are ideal weights for certain body types including bone density and muscle mass.
  3. Flexible and understands your priorities. Whether we like it or not, our lives do not revolve around the gym. You have kids to mentor their homework if you’re a mom or you have social responsibilities with friends during weekends if you are single. Whatever your priorities are, your fitness trainer understands all these. He or she understands that even if you have a target to achieve, you also have other things to do outside of the gym.
  4. Does not compare. Each person no matter the status in life has insecurities (site resource here), especially after watching last week’s Victoria secret fashion show. You somehow question everything. But kidding aside, your personal trainer never compares you to another person. Never.
  5. Does not judge. They make sure clients are not only physically secure but also free from judgement. Some people fear of being judged because of their physical appearance. Seeking help from a professional should make you feel empowered.
  6. Takes down notes. To keep tabs with your goals, a personal trainer keeps a record of your achievements, your weaknesses and your strengths. He writes down information of routine exercises, reps, tempos, sets and weights and uses it to assess what works for your body and what needs to be improved.
  7. He is physically fit. And you’d ask why? Because he has to take the part. Note that we are not only talking about 6-pack abs or broad shoulders. It would be hard to follow instructions from someone who talks about health when he himself isn’t. And while we can argue that a fitness instructor needs to be presentable in a gym, he should at least looks pulled together and looks very professional while at work. He could be sweaty and all because that’s a given but what we mean is a clean pair of sneakers, clean shorts or track pants, and a fresh t-shirt. Who would want to consult with a sweaty fitness instructor in their ripped blue jeans?
  8. He talks but not chatty. If your instructor is way too chatty, you can’t concentrate and it hinders your workout. Studies prove that when your mind is busy, it cannot send messages to your muscles resulting in poor workout.
  9. Knows your limit. If you puke, feel dizzy, or cannot complete a routine every time or worst collapse because your trainer pushes you to your limit, that’s a red flag. Each body is different and when it comes to giving it all every time causing you to hinder your goal instead of making progress then it’s not going to be effective. A good fitness trainer allows you to go over your comfort zone but also understands how your body reacts to certain type of physical activities. You don’t want to end up in the emergency room, don’t you? We don’t either.
  10. He evaluates and re-evaluates. You cannot improve what you cannot measure. A good trainer treats your body like a well-oiled machine. He should be able to assess, measure, check your strengths and asymmetric. He should be able to discuss with you your current fitness level and redesign and personalise the plan when necessary.
  11. Strictly business only. Whether we like it or not, physical attraction is inevitable. You look at your personal trainer’s body, their exuding confidence and their ability to help you is just motivating. Because, why not! All these qualities are just some of what they possess. But while true fitness good fitness instructor is friendly, approachable, and respectful they are only being respectful and only mean business. Let’s put it this way, they don’t want to mix business with pleasure. Plus imagine the awkwardness when things go wrong.


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