6 Tips for Marketing Your Fitness Business

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Marketing your fitness business is no simple task, many people will often ask themselves; how do I market my fitness business? What tools can I use? Social media marketing is here to stay, and it can certainly make a world of difference when it comes to marketing your fitness business, but you must get a few things right.

If you nail these 6 marketing tips, you will have a thriving fitness business in no time.

Marketing Strategy

Having a clear and define marketing strategy is one of the most crucial steps when marketing your fitness business. Your strategy will layout HOW you intend to present your services to the public and promote its features and benefits to help persuade buyers to purchase. When building your strategy, think about your USP (Unique selling point), target audience, your product or service and where the best place to market is.


Social Proof of Success

Companies don’t sell to people; people sell to people. Most people will look at reviews or testimonials before deciding on any services, including personal trainers. Get those before and after pictures up on your socials., so potential clients can see results. Clients are buying a feeling and experience, so consider posting photographs or video of your clients enjoying their sessions, achieving goals, and working hard! Potential clients want a taste of your services online before they decide you are the one for them.


Get People’s Emails

An email list is one of the most valuable things you can possess when it comes to marketing. The people on your email list have given you one of the most personal ways to market to them. You and your business can be in their inbox when they are having their morning coffee. Don’t spam them; make sure that you are adding value with every email that goes to them.


Be Entertaining

Why does EVERYONE follow the Kardashians? Because there’s never a dull moment with them!

Post fun, in the moment content and brighten your potential clients day. They will remember you and when they want someone to help them with their fitness… you are the one they will want to be around.


Sell You!

Share things about you and WHY you are so passionate about what you do. Potential clients will connect with you and your story. People genuinely won’t but things, but they will buy into people, and when it comes to a personal trainer, it’s even more important that they like who you are and what you stand for. By selling you, you will draw your ideal target market clients quickly.


Give People Value

You are marketing to people that are considering using your service; whether they know it yet or not. Maybe not right now, but one day they will be ready to improve their health and fitness and the person they will remember is the one who dropped tonnes of value into their news feed. Give people valuable ways they can improve their fitness and health right now, and when they are ready for help, you will be the first one they message.

Of course, you need to give people easy ways to buy from you as well. But after all the value and rapport building, you have done these simple steps will help you grow your fitness business and ensure that you will never be short on clients and customers flowing into your business!

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