Passion is the undeniable driving force behind the F.I.T operation. If you share our passion for the industry and want to learn from those who walk the walk, then we can help you.

Turn your passion into your profession, and like us, you’ll never have to work a day in your life.

F.I.T is the educational gateway that connects graduates to the workplace. It is our reputation at an industry level that allows us to compete on the same playing field as the multinationals who have multi-million-dollar advertising budgets.

How it all began

Fitness Industry Training was established in 2008 with the dream of educating and training the next generation of fitness professionals. The F.I.T head office is located at 12 Moore Street, Albion Brisbane, QLD.

F.I.T An owned and operated by Chris Haseman, Chris is one of Australia’s most accomplished and recognised fitness trainers. He is highly regarded throughout the fitness industry as a leading figure in fitness education. His expertise has serviced some of Australia’s most successful and recognised sporting identities including the Brisbane Broncos, Qld Reds and Australian Wallabies.

A community of passion

F.I.T boasts a community of passionate people committed to making a big difference in the world through leading education in health and fitness. The vision is to create a better world through health and fitness and develop fitness professionals ready to take on real-world challenges and build successful careers.

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Commitment to continued improvement

Our education portfolio is constantly evolving with industry needs and expectations at the forefront of our business planning. This continuous improvement strategy is based on our active involvement within the fitness industry, giving us a greater understanding of the end-user demands.

As health and fitness fanatics we have our finger continually on the pulse of the latest industry developments and breakthroughs, ensuring that our course content remains at the cutting edge of the industry and our graduates are highly valued by employers.

Our team

At F.I.T, you’ll learn from industry leaders. Our qualified instructors bring years of industry and life experience to the classroom, as well as current and relevant involvement in the fitness and sports industry. Our industry partners are international and national health clubs, exclusive personal training organisations, sporting and fitness associations, elite athletes and coaches. These partnerships offer many opportunities to our students while they are undertaking their qualifications as well as when graduated.

Through our strong partnerships, we are kept up-to-date with the latest career opportunities, and these are presented to students during their time at F.I.T and after graduation. With this support in finding employment, you will be living your dream before you know it.

Our Facilities

From the moment you walk into our campus you will notice quality and class. We have put our heart and soul into the space, and the end result is nothing short of spectacular. This purpose-built training centre is dedicated for our students to develop their skills and confidence and is available (free of charge) for your practice.

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Our graduates

Our graduates are highly sought after in the industry, and with good reason. F.I.T graduates are well educated, have a mastery of a broad range of practical skills are industry ready.

Quality education, a self-paced learning model that combines on-campus workshops that coach and assess your practical on the way.