Why a choose a career in fitness?

The Australian Fitness Industry represents one of the fastest growing segments in the franchising sector. Moreover, one of the fastest growing components of this franchise segment in recent years has been the 24-hour gym franchise business model.

With the Australian population ranking third globally in the obesity stakes, a fitness business is a true ‘need/solution’ business model. Over the past five years alone there have been dramatic increases in community awareness that fitness and regular exercise provide the ‘real’ solution to weight loss and improved health.

According to Fitness Australia, the percentage of Australians using gyms has increased from 9% to 11% in less than two years. Dramatic media coverage of the benefits of regular exercise through reality television shows and editorial pieces has put the spotlight on the sustainability and resilience of the fitness industry.

No matter how you look at it, the Health and Fitness sector is a booming market and is here to stay.

The decision for those who want to be a part of this booming market is deciding whether to join the masses and learn the same fitness programs as thousands of others or choose a training provider who will give you the skills you need to capitalise on future trends and prepare you to rise above the masses.

Why choose Fitness Industry Training as your Fitness Education provider?

Don’t be fooled by TV celebrities selling you over priced courses that will leave you high and dry. Learn from those who have genuine industry experience and credibility amongst those who matter most – your Employers.

You don’t need to put yourself into thousands of dollars of debt to become a Qualified personal Trainer. Students who successfully graduate from our Certificate III and IV in Fitness program are eligible to attain professional registration and insurance coverage through Fitness Australia.

Did you know that it is an extremely competitive marketplace out there despite what many unscrupulous salespeople may tell you. It is our belief that to be truly successful in this industry you will need a unique and in-demand service along with the skill-set to stand out from the rest. Let us show you how to make it in the Fitness Industry!

Unique approach to learning and education

At F.I.T, we develop our very own learning resources and content so that you have the confidence that what you are learning is the most up-to-date and relevant training available in the marketplace. We stay ahead of the trends to ensure that what you are learning will give you the skills and knowledge to capture, engage and excite the population with your very own message and passion for fitness.

 “We give you the tools to rise above the crowds and create your very own space in the fitness industry” – Chris Haseman

As an organisation, we are committed to giving our students not just another fitness course but a learning experience that will inspire, encourage and prepare you for financial success in the fitness industry and beyond.

It is our size and grounded passion that provides us with the ability to connect and treat each student as an individual. He provides a level of support and learning that benefits each and everyone who enters our campus.

The approach to everything that we do as an organisation is best expressed by this phrase;

People don’t care what you know until they first know how much you care

The vast majority of students who enrol in our courses are directly referred to us by our successful graduates and their employers.

Here at F.I.T, we believe that the future of fitness coaching will be with those who acquire the skills and knowledge to inspire their clients towards health and wellbeing beyond the walls of the fitness centre. This is why you will learn much more than the one-size-fits-all approach to fitness training that you get elsewhere. Our curriculum will navigate you through the teachings of nutrition, physiology and exercise specific programming concepts to support a broad range of clientele.

Inspire your clients to achieve health and well-being beyond the walls of the fitness centre

While our competitors may brag about their enrolment numbers we get more excited about our graduate completions. Our team is dedicated and committed to seeing you graduate with the confidence to take on the industry and become another F.I.T success story.

What kind of personal trainer do you wish to become?

Are you looking for skills and knowledge that will see you join and move with the cluttered crowd of fitness professionals? Or do you want to position yourself ahead of the crowd?

Fitness Industry Training prepares graduates for the future trends in fitness.

Become a Qualified Personal Trainer Today with the training provider that the industry trusts.