Alex de Fina
Bikini Fit, Hong Kong
CEO / Founder

The industry exposure and first hand experiences that F.I.T gave me has significantly contributed to my success as a personal trainer. The team is professional and personal – not only do they do a great job of getting to know their students, they are also genuinely enthusiastic about careers in fitness. The knowledge and real world experience shared by Chris and Russ was fantastic.

When I graduated I knew that it would just be the start of my journey, and the great thing about F.I.T is that they have an excellent range of professional development courses to really round out your knowledge. This is crucial for any personal trainer who’s serious about their career.

I worked a Fitness First immediately after graduating but it wasn’t long before I started my own business in West End, called Sweat Fitness Training. It was very successful and before long I was employing two other personal trainers to work for me (also F.I.T graduates, of course!). I owned Sweat Fitness Training for a number of years and even though it was going great, I’d always wanted to start my own business in Asia. So half way through 2012, I made the big move to Hong Kong.

My new business is Bikini FIT Hong Kong. It’s been a real challenge starting it from scratch but I’m absolutely loving it, and the hard work is really starting to pay off now with classes selling out. Working in fitness can really take you places and it’s such a rewarding career. You need to invest in your career and get the right training though, and I can’t recommend F.I.T highly enough.

Alex is doing great things in Hong Kong, check out his website or follow Bikini Fit on Facebook.

I started my own Bootcamp business in late 2012 and things are really taking off now. I’m so excited about my new career, it’s put me in a position where I can really help people turn their lives around. I want to make a difference in this world and I can’t think of a more enjoyable or rewarding career in which to achieve this goal. F.I.T’s slogan is “Live Your Dream”…I’m living mine!

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