Nutrition is a key factor in achieving any health and fitness goal.

Unfortunately, many health and fitness professionals still lack the knowledge to effectively help their clients master their nutritional intake.

This would have to be FIT’s signature course that is positively changing the nutrition education pathway for personal trainers.

With the latest scientific information in the field of nutrition boiled down into terms that make sense, this course will teach everyone how to eat for optimum efficiency, whatever the goal. Give yourself the edge in this competitive market and have your clients achieve their body composition goals. They will thank you for a lifetime.

In this course you’ll learn about macronutrients and how they effect fat loss, how to establish dietary intakes, pre and post workout meals to enhance performance and assist recovery, vitamins and minerals and their effect on training effectiveness, pre-screening, food labelling, the role of hydration and some take-home popular diets. The course also comes with shopping lists and recipes.

Nutrition for Personal Trainers can be taken as a two day course on-campus or online anytime!

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