Always Keep the Shoreline in sight – Weight Loss Tips (Chris Haseman)

Keeping the shoreline in sight is a strategy I use to keep both my clients and myself in measure and check when it comes to falling off the fitness train.

Let’s face it we аll wаnt tо look and feel bеttеr, unless you’re someone like my good friend Ian Jacobs who found the fountain of youth and now won’t share it with any of his mates. The older we get the more conscious and centred we become about our health and longevity and with that our approach and view to food and exercise often takes a different shape and meaning.

My younger days focussed on how many plates I could throw on the bar of the bench press followed by how quick I could down my protein shake before I lost my hard earned gains. Nowadays it’s more about staying injury free and maintaining a sense of health and wellbeing which quite frankly bores me to tears but keeps me upright and in the game of life for at least another day.

I always promised myself that I would give back in my older years what I robbed of my body during those younger days where I subjected my body to daily if not multiple sessions of brutality and torture all for the love of my sport. You see the word Fit and Healthy don’t always go hand in hand and in some cases can be extreme opposites.

It was just this week a good friend of mine departed for a month holiday overseas, we train together most days and even with a daily dose of Chris Haseman training he still finds himself on the wrong side of the calorie count. So as I waved him off knowing that his plane was going to weigh a bit more on the trip home then on the way there, I decided to give him some sound advice that I have used throughout my life to keep myself on track or at the very least not far off it and that was “Don’t lose sight of the shoreline”.

Many clients who seek my help with losing weight have completely lost their way and have no idea where to start or how to find their way back to a place of health. This is like being lost at sea with no compass or landmarks to guide you home and this is very much how I see many of my new clients after they have spent many years living a takeaway and alcohol fuelled lifestyle.

Very few of us are able to live or maintain a lifetime walking a perfect path when it comes to food and exercise and if you do there is a good chance you are suffering from a psychological disorder, mind you it’s not a bad one to have.  So a handy strategy to use in those times when we go ‘walkabout’ is to ‘always keep the shoreline in sight’ even if its a distant dim light coming from a far away lighthouse you will at least have a sense of direction and measure towards making your way back to where you once were.

So the short of this story is in times where life takes you off the path and away from your regular exercise and eating routine remember to keep your eye on the shoreline and make sure you keep it in sight, this doesn’t make your journey home any easier but gives you a good starting point and the confidence and assurity that the shoreline is not that far away and with every stroke you see yourself getting closer to home.

 ‘The hardest thing about running is putting your shoes on’

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