How should I charge for my services?

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Whether you are a newly qualified trainer or have been in the industry for a while, knowing how much to charge can be a tricky question.

We have heard several trainers say they don’t want to charge people too much to start off with because they are new, with little experience and don’t feel they can charge premium rates at the outset.

Here are a few considerations that might help you when deciding on your prices.

Don’t undervalue yourself. As a qualified Personal Trainer, you are offering a service, and that is what people are paying for.

  • Most people want quality training and know that they will have to pay for that. They will have shopped around to see what people charge, and you need to do the same. If they see you as cheap, they may question your ability and expertise. Make sure your profile shows where you have trained, and your qualifications and they will know that you are professional. Do not undervalue your services.
  • Once you hold a Certificate III and IV in Fitness, your knowledge about health, fitness, and exercise programming will far exceed that of your average trainer and client. This is what they are paying you for, not just the amount of time you have been working.
  • As a trainer, you are the one that keeps them motivated and accountable, and you are the one that helps them achieve their goals, that is also in the price of your service.
  • Client’s want is to be listened to carefully, to feel safe, trust their trainer, work hard, and have fun while exercising. As a new, enthusiastic, qualified trainer you will be more than capable of doing that and will probably go above and beyond to prove it, not just to your clients, but to yourself, and therefore you should be paid accordingly. You are worth it!

Do you want to earn a living or just break even? 

This is your livelihood, and you need money to enjoy life. Decide how much you want to earn each week, then work out how many sessions you can comfortably deliver. Think of ways to add value to your service.

  • Treat each client as a VIP and give them undivided attention
  • Follow up and accountability apps to ensure they stay on track outside your sessions
  • Give out welcome packs and info flyers. Once these are created, you can reuse them.
  • Create a pleasant environment for them to train in, make them feel special and cared for, go that extra step to make it feel luxurious.
  • You could offer discounts if they book a certain number of classes
  • Train more clients at once (small group sessions) This might appeal to people with a budget in mind, e.g. 4 clients training together at $30pp = $120 per session, as opposed $70 for a one on one but the same amount of effort and time required from you.

Don’t ever underestimate your value and what you are capable of. Be the best, and you will receive the recognition you deserve and the financial rewards.

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