How to build your client base

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The first challenge for any personal trainer is building your client base, but how? If you find yourself always scrambling to get clients, it’s time to change your approach. Below we’ve outlined a couple of simple strategies that can help you build a good client base.

Be active on Social Media.

Social media is one of the biggest marketing tools that you can help you reach more people. But it’s not enough to just set up an account and post a couple of workout videos, be active and invest the time. Engage with your audience by responding to all your comments and messages, offering advice and tips. Build a community and network; this will boost your brand awareness. Also, make sure you have good content, the better content you have, the more trust your audience will have in your abilities.

Be seen in the community.

The fitness community is big with new members joining every single day. Therefore connect with the community and build a network. Make contacts in the community. Ask a guest to write something for your publication or blog. Read and familiarise yourself with industry-related articles and blogs from respected publications and comment on them. This will prove your credibility and knowledge, and you will be more likely to be considered when someone is looking for a PT.

Offer Taster Sessions.

Most people like to try on a dress before they buy it or take a car for a test drive. Why is personal training any different? By offering a taster session, people will see your skills and feel confident in paying for more. Just remember to follow up after a taster to see if they enjoyed it.

Get Reviews.

Make the most of your happy clients, and ask for their help spread the word; get them to write a review on your website or social. Potentials clients are more inclined to trust word of mouth. It will build your credibility as they can see your clients trust in you.

Keep learning.

By expanding and growing your knowledge and education, you will be able to offer a richer experience to your clients. Think about taking a masterclass or workshop in a particular area, for example, taking an in-depth nutrition course. Fitness Industry Training offers a variety of masterclasses and workshops. Contact us to find out more.

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