How to choose the right course to suit you!

how to choose the right course

So, you have been thinking that would like to become a personal trainer/fitness coach, but are not sure how to choose the right course?

Finding the right company or course requires research and getting as much information as possible to suit your needs.

Let us help you choose the right course. Firstly, you need to decide what it is you want from a course. Are you looking at making this your career, or is it for personal interest? This will help when looking at courses as quality and cost will vary.

Here is some factor to consider when you start to choose the right course.

Face to Face Course

Is there a campus that is close to your home?
There is nothing worse than having to travel miles to a course, so find a face to face course that suits you geographically.

Sit in on a class before you sign up and make sure you are happy with the way the class is run, the interaction the teacher has with you. How do they deliver information, if it is just reading from slides you could have done that at home with a beer in your pyjamas! Check out what sort of experience they have, don’t be afraid to ask questions.

What sort of experience does the teacher have and will you even enjoy the classes?

Ask about career opportunities when you graduate and what the education provider does in the way of helping you find a job once you are qualified. What is their relationship like with gyms and the industry? Look for their graduates on social media and ask them questions too.

Research your options and compare prices. Not all face to face deliveries are expensive so research all RTO’s that offer this and find the one that suits you best.

If you can’t find a face to face course in your area or that suits your needs check out an online interactive workshops as these can give the same classroom experience where you can engage with your tutors and get access to current training techniques in the same way you would with a face to face course.

Online Course

How long has the education company been providing education for?
This will give you an idea of their staying power in the industry.  The last thing you need is for them to go broke and you be stranded having paid all that money with no qualification to show for it. Sadly this has happened a few times to students we know, so don’t get caught out, do your research.

Check out the online support they provide, as you will need assistance with your assessments, knowing that your questions will be answered adequately and promptly is very important.

Consider interactive online delivery options, reading pdf’s is okay for a few modules but can get tedious and overwhelming, especially when your questions start popping up, and you don’t know where to go for answers or whether to tell that you have even understood the topics correctly!

Make sure you get the support you need to complete your certificate with a healthy amount of practical knowledge.

Do your research; don’t be sucked in by a fast-talking salesperson. Work out what you need from your fitness course, write up the tick boxes and keep searching until you find a course that ticks all YOUR boxes.

Also, make sure that the advisor puts in writing all of their promises to you if they seem above and beyond so that you can refer back to written evidence of what they promised when they “forget”.

Just remember you are picking a course that suits your needs and your way of learning, so take the time to decide.

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