Ways to keep your client motivated

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Training clients is easy enough, what can be hard is keeping your client motivated. Any fitness professional; athletes, trainers, instructors have one thing in common, they will all encounters days when the motivation to train is tough, and that is why as a personal trainer it is important to change things up.

We asked our fitness professionals how they stay motivated and how they keep a client motivated.

Here are some of our trainer’s favourite ways to keep their clients motivated.


Give them smaller goals 

Break down their ultimate goal into smaller realistic and achievable goals. Can be easier for clients to stay motivated when they can see results. By giving them more opportunity to hit smaller targets or goals, this gives your clients a sense of achievement which in turn will motivate them to continue.


Ask them why they started

Every client has a reason as to why they started a fitness journey, whether that was to lose weight, to tone or for health reasons. Jog their memories as to why they came to you in the first place and with the encouragement you will be able to reconnect and get them back on track.


Praise them

This one might seem obvious, but don’t underestimate how effective this can be. Sometimes it can be hard to find something to praise, but that’s when it’s needed the most, and you will quickly see a change in their self-esteem.


Offer Incentives

Entice your clients with little rewards to motivate them to complete specific goals. Everyone likes a challenge followed by a reward of some kind, it can be super simple and small, a free smoothie, for example.


Switch it up

Routine becomes boring, so switch it up. Vary the routine, suggest training inside to outside or if you have been concentrating on one-to-one suggest a small group session or vice versa.

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