Everyone has their own preferred ways of learning and studying. At Fitness Industry Training, we want to ensure that you not only select the right course for you but the right learning option that is flexible and will easily suit your lifestyle, all to help you master the course you choose.

What are our learning options?

Online Self-Paced

With our self-paced option, you work through the units on your own at the pace you feel most comfortable with. You can spend longer on a particular unit if you need to, and you can move onto the next unit when you know you have fully understood it.

However, we know that from time to time you may need an extra bit of help with those particular difficult modules, which is why you can choose to upgrade to our Interactive Online Learning.


What is the upgrade to Interactive Online Learning?

You still have the freedom of the self-paced option, but you can occasionally jump in on classes. The virtual classes allow you to ask fellow students and trainers questions and get help on specific subject areas you might find difficult. We want to see you succeed and don’t want you to feel you are on your own if you need some support or encouragement.


Virtual Classroom

A new spin on an old style. This is Fitness Industry Training’s version of face-to-face classes; the only difference is that they are done from the comfort of your own home. With our state-of-the-art Zoom option, you can get a real classroom style of interactive virtual learning, and speak with trainers and fellow students in real-time. Take part in brainstorming, polls, and demonstrations. You don’t need to be located on campus — you can be anywhere in Australia and still feel as though you are in a classroom.


How does it work?

Instead of upgrading for couple specific modules, you do a full upgrade to Interactive Online Learning option. This allows you to complete all your units within the virtual classroom style.