Developed by Chris Haseman, the MMA Pad Holders course takes the skills and applications of our boxing course and integrates them into a multi striking and conditioning program.

This course provides the added skills of kicks, knees, elbows as well as a myriad of MMA/Combat conditioning drills to add to your client programs and exercise sessions. You will walk away from this course with a better understanding of the coaching skills and concepts that support both the technical and physical conditioning components that are used by combat sport athletes such as those used in MMA.

Note: this program dose not teach you to be an MMA fighter but provides the coaching cues and principles that support a wide range of conditioning drills and skills associated with Pad Holding and associated conditioning modalities giving you a more comprehensive coaching platform to develop and support your client workouts.

If you would like to add more skills and applications into your PT pad holding repertoire, then you won’t find better than Chris Haseman’s MMA Pad Holding course.

This course is approved by Fitness Australia and comes with 6 CEC points.

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