Fitness Industry Training was established in 2008 with a view to creating the next generation of fitness professionals.

F.I.T Head Office and main campus is located at 12 Moore Street, Albion, Brisbane, Queensland.

F.I.T is owned and operated by Chris Haseman. Chris has dedicated his life to the health and fitness sector and has become well recognised as one of Australia’s leading fitness trainers with experience with both NRL and ARU National teams and was assigned Athletic Performance coach role for Brisbane Broncos 2007 – 2008 season.

F.I.T has created a community of passionate people committed to making a big difference in the world through leading education in health and fitness. Our vision is to create a better world through health and fitness, and develop fitness professionals ready to take on real-world challenges and build successful careers.

Our education portfolio is constantly evolving with industry’s needs and expectations at the forefront of our business planning. This continuous improvement strategy is based on our active involvement within the fitness industry, giving us a greater understanding of the end-user demands. By listening to the industry, we have built an industry-leading online learning platform to complement our existing campus-based courses, which has enabled us to expand our focus to a national audience.

As health and fitness fanatics we have our finger continually on the pulse of the latest industry developments and breakthroughs, ensuring that our course content remains at the cutting edge of the industry and our graduates are highly valued by employers.

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