The FiT appeals process is concerned with a student’s right to request change to decisions or processes of an official nature, usually in relation to academic or procedural matters.

In the case of a student’s appeal against specific assessment decisions, the student should first discuss the decision(s) with the relevant trainer or assessor and request re-evaluation. The trainer or assessor will hear the student’s appeal, make fair judgement to the best of their ability as to whether change(s) are required and then discuss their final decision with the student.

If the student is still dissatisfied with the trainer or assessor’s decision, they have the right to take the appeal to the management team. The formal notice of appeal is required to comply with the following principles upon submission to management:

  • The notice of appeal should be in writing, addressed to FiT for referral to the management team and submitted within five (5) days of notification of the outcome of the trainer or assessor’s re-evaluation
  • The notice of appeal must be submitted within the specified timeframe otherwise the original result will If a student’s appeal needs to be deferred due to emergency circumstances, such as in the case of serious illness or injury, a medical certificate supporting the case must be forward to management. The notice of deferral must be submitted within three (3) working days of the conclusion date displayed on the medical certificate.

It is the responsibility of FiT management to ensure adherence to the appeal procedure and that resolution is sought in all reasonable circumstances. This includes informing and assisting students with the appeal procedure and supply of appeal forms.

All appeals will be reviewed at the monthly management meeting and, if appropriate, result in a continuous improvement process.

If the student is still not satisfied with the resolution of the complaint after following and exhausting the appeals procedure, the student may contact ASQA and lodge a written complaint.

The form may be submitted by mail to:

Australian Skills Quality Authority
GPO Box 9928
Melbourne, VIC 3001

Or via online to: