FiT acknowledges the critical role that assessment plays in determining the competency of students. In developing the assessment (including RPL) for each qualification and unit of competence, the CEO will ensure:

  • Compliance with the assessment guidelines from the relevant training package, qualification and unit of competence of accredited course.
  • Assessment leads to a qualification or statement of attainment under the AQF.
  • Assessment complies with the principles of competency-based assessment and informs the student of the purpose and context of the assessment.
  • The rules of evidence guide the collection of evidence to support the principles of validity and reliability.
  • The application of knowledge and skills is relevant to the standard expected in the workplace, including skills for managing work tasks, contingencies and the job environment.
  • Timely and appropriate feedback is given to students.
  • Assessment complies with FIT’s access and equity policy.
  • All students have access to re-assessment on appeal.

FiT implements an assessment system that ensures that assessment (including RPL) complies with the assessment requirements of the relevant training package or VET accredited course. FiT recognises that each unit of competency contains assessment requirements relating to: performance evidence, knowledge evidence and assessment conditions.