All persons wishing to make a complaint, appeal or any other manner of objection in relation to the conduct of FiT have access to the following procedure:

Informal complaint/appeal

  • An initial complaint or appeal will involve the student communicating directly with FiT verbally or by other appropriate FiT management will make a decision, discuss their judgement with the student and record the outcome of the complaint or appeal.
  • Students dissatisfied with the outcome of FiT’s decision may initiate the formal complaint

Formal complaint/appeal:

  • It is normal procedure that all formal complaints proceed only after the initial informal complaint or appeal procedure has been
  • The formal complaint or appeal is to be submitted in writing, and the procedure and outcome recorded by FiT
  • On receipt of a formal complaint, the CEO will convene the complaint committee to hear the
  • The complaint committee will consist of a panel of members with no previous involvement or vested interest in the outcome of the particular complaint or appeal. Members of the committee should include:
    • A representative of FiT
    • A FiT staff
    • A person independent of FiT.
  • The complainant/appellant shall be given an opportunity to present the case to the committee and may be accompanied by one (1) other person as support or as representation.
  • Staff member(s) involved shall be given an opportunity to present their case to the committee and may be accompanied by one (1) other person as support or as representation.
  • The complaint committee will reach a decision on the complaint or appeal after consideration of each case presented.
  • The complaint committee will inform all parties involved of the outcome in writing within five (5) working days of making the decision.

All complaints and appeals will be reviewed at FIT monthly management meetings. Continuous improvement procedures may be actioned when the complaint/appeal procedure results in the identification of factors appropriate for improvement to internal operations. When the initial causative factor of the complaint identifies a problem with current FIT policies and / or procedures, the continuous improvement procedure will ensure changes are made to prevent re-occurrence of the problem.