To maximise the outcomes for students, FiT ensures that every opportunity to connect training and assessment with the workplace is utilised. Opportunities will be developed in consultation with the relevant workplace personnel and responsibilities clearly communicated to all involved.

To identify a range of delivery and assessment methods that meet a variety of needs, an ongoing schedule of industry liaison and consultation will be adhered to. These consultations will be documented with meetings and memorandums acknowledged by those industry and enterprise representatives involved in consultation relative to the development of assessment strategies.

Students enrolled in a traineeship program will normally be working for an employer within the industry. Employers are charged a contribution fee towards the cost of training and assessment, which is in-line with the User Choice contract guidelines.

FiT will:

  • Involve workplace personnel in planning workplace programs, where they are relevant to the training and assessment program.
  • Ensure that the training and assessment program makes full use of opportunities at the workplace.
  • Monitor each student’s progress and the support provided to them by workplace personnel.
  • Consult with workplace personnel in the development of workplace training and assessment processes.
  • Inform workplace personnel of their training and assessment roles and responsibilities, and accept these responsibilities, where relevant to the training and assessment program.
  • Monitor support provided to each student by workplace personnel.
  • Monitor the student’s progress.

Information from workplace personnel is used to continuously improve training and assessment. Several programs that engage employers or other parties who contribute to each learner’s training, assessment and support services to meet their individual needs are available.