FiT has a clearly documented quality administrative and records management system in place to secure the accuracy, integrity and currency of records, to keep documentation up-to-date and to secure any confidential information obtained by FiT and committees, individuals or organisations acting on its behalf.

Upon enrolment, student’s details will be entered into the FiT database system. This process initiates the establishment of the student’s individual file which is then used to record all future details pertaining to the client. The file is retained by FiT and management of the file will be in accordance with the FiT training records policy.

FiT is committed to maintaining the accuracy, integrity and currency of all student files, as well as ensuring appropriate security of all records to uphold confidentiality and protect student privacy.

Complete assessments

Each and every assessment submitted by a student will be retained for a minimum period of six (6) months. At the expiration of six (6) months period, the student’s assessments will be scanned and stored electronically for thirty (30) years.

When in paper format, student’s work will be filed according to the competency/unit number, competency/unit cluster or alphabetically according to the students’ names. Individual student records will be stored in a lockable steel filing cabinet in a locked secure office area. If the files are stored in a location where student or public access is possible, the cabinets will remain locked.

For ease of application and consistency, a similar filing process will be used for electronic files. The electronic records are stored utilising AVETMISS compliant software and access is restricted by a password system.

User choice trainees

FiT maintains assessment evidence completed by each trainee for each unit of competency for a period of seven (7) years from the date of the expiration or termination of the VET PQS agreement.

Results of assessment records

Student assessment results will be recorded electronically within the FiT database system. This information may be used to provide annual competency completion reports and/or AVETMISS reports, as required.

  • Sufficient information to re-issue the testamur, if required, will be retained.
  • Results of assessment will be retained for thirty (30) years.


FiT ensures further security of records by complying with the storage requirements detailed in ASQA’s general directive: retention requirements for completed student assessment items, 22 June 2012. This directive includes requirements for storage including safeguards against unauthorised access, fire, flood, termites or any other pests, and to ensure that copies of records can be produced if the originals are destroyed or inaccessible. FiT enhances its compliance with this directive by protecting electronic files with up-to-date virus protection, firewall and spyware protection software.

The data management system is cloud-based and offers the security and integrity expected of a reputable Cloud storage system.

FiT software and hard copy systems will retain student’s results for a period of no less than thirty (30) years. If requested, enrolment information, training and assessment information or results of assessment will be provided in electronic format wherever possible.

Paper-based records will be scanned and saved in Adobe PDF format. Paper records will be securely shredded every twelve (12) months in accordance with FIT CEO directions.

A copy of each testamur issued is scanned and retained in Adobe PDF format. If requested, the testamur may be re-printed at any time within the thirty (30) year period after issue. This method ensures the original format, design, signature, date and units of competency are re-printed accurately and with a minimum of effort and expense.

The database system is used and data/files/records are converted and saved in Adobe PDF format. FiT has chosen Adobe PDF because research indicates this software will be able to be opened and read for up to thirty (30) years.

Ceasing operation

In the event that FiT ceases to operate, its records will be transferred to ASQA in the appropriate format and detail as specified by the Department at the time of ceasing RTO operations.

All other records including training records, taxation records, business and commercial records will be retained for a period of at least seven (7) years.

FiT will ensure that any confidential information acquired by the business, individuals, or committees or organisations acting on its behalf is securely stored.