FiT takes a systematic approach to establish and recognise the needs of each client. It is a requirement that all staff members do their utmost to meet the needs of students. Where a student need is outside the scope or skill of the organisation they will be referred to an appropriate service or an alternate training organisation.

FiT delivers specialised training and assessment services. As such, it is vital that all students are informed of and understand the extent of the training course that they are enrolling in. FiT has in place a process and mechanism to provide all clients information about the training, assessment and support services to be provided, and about their rights and obligations, prior to enrolment or entering an agreement.

In summary, FiT will provide:
  • Training programs and services that promote inclusion and are free from discrimination.
  • Support services, training, assessment and training materials to meet the needs of a variety of individual students.
  • Consideration of each individual needs to provide the best opportunity for skill development and attainment of qualifications that can lead to further training or employment.
  • Opportunity for consultation between staff and students so that all aspects of individual circumstances can be taken into consideration when planning training programs.
  • Consideration of the views of the student community, government agencies and organisations, and industry when planning training programs.
  • Access to information and course materials in a readily available, easily understood format.
  • Information to assist students in planning their pathway from school or the community to vocational education and training.

While FiT guarantees that all students will receive the full training services paid for, it does not guarantee a student will successfully complete the course in which they are enrolled, or that the student will obtain an employment outcome outside the control of FiT.