FiT will provide all relevant information and directions to each student prior to enrolment as part of student induction to enable the student to make informed decisions about undertaking training with FiT. This information will be clear and readily available in print or electronic copy. This will include details required to source the FiT student handbook.

FiT will provide the following information specific to each student:
  • The code, title and currency of the AQF qualification, skill set or VET course to which the student is to be enrolled, as published on the National Register. The services the RTO will provide to the student including the:
    • estimated duration of the services
    • expected locations at which the services will be provided
    • expected modes of delivery
    • name and contact details of any subcontractor which will provide training and assessment to the student
  • The student’s obligations including any requirements that FiT requires the student to meet to enter and successfully complete their chosen AQF qualification, skill set or VET course.
  • Any materials and equipment that the student must provide.
  • The educational and support services available to the student.

Where there are any changes to agreed services, FiT will advise the student as soon as practicable, including in relation to any new third party arrangements or a change in ownership or changes to existing third party arrangements.