Student selection

Enrolment and admission into some FiT programs is subject to meeting certain prerequisite conditions and/or entry requirements. Specific details of the prerequisites pertaining to these training programs are contained in individual course documentation and are made available prior to enrolment. In the case that a potential student does not meet the prerequisite conditions and/or entry requirements, FiT staff will endeavour to assist them in understanding their options in regard to meeting the standards. Any questions regarding these arrangements can be addressed by trainers or FiT management.


The enrolment procedure commences when a student contacts FiT expressing interest in a training program(s). FiT staff will respond by dispatching by suitable means an enrolment form, student handbook, literature on the program(s) being considered and any other documentation which may be relevant.

Enrolment applications will then be assessed to ensure that the student meets any prerequisites and/or entry requirements that have been set for the selected course. Students will be informed of successful enrolment and sent information on the course and their course induction. Students who do not meet the prerequisites for the selected course will be notified of their unsuccessful enrolment and invited to contact FiT to discuss their training needs and alternative opportunities.

Pre-course letter

As additional support to enrolling students, FiT will send a pre-course letter to the student prior to the commencement of training. Information includes the time, date and location of training, the resources the student should bring to the course and overview of the units of competency to be studied and the format/style of training to be provided.


On successful completion of the enrolment process, all students will undergo an induction program including:

  • Introduction to FIT training staff
  • Confirmation of the course being delivered
  • The training and assessment procedures including method, format and purpose of assessment
  • Qualifications to be issued
  • Student handbook provided