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As the global pandemic continues, we’re seeing a growing trend towards fitness apps, online workouts and online coaching. There are new opportunities for your fitness business, and we’re going to share with you some of the ways the fitness world is crushing it online right now.

Doing Virtual Classes & Virtual Training

Taking your classes into the virtual world using a video conferencing system or by streaming a class live can open up your business up to national even global markets! Your clients will still be able to follow along with the program, invite others to join them and refer you to friends and family across the globe. What a game-changer!

Just remember to give yourself enough space to conduct your class or training, and make sure your Wi-Fi connection is strong and stable!

Low Equipment Workouts

Not everyone has a full gym set up in their homes; so, start prioritising body-weight exercises within your workouts. Or giving your clients alternative items like laundry detergent or cans of beans to replace dumbbells and kettlebells.

Online Communities

Having a community is an integral part of gym culture; many rely on the support it offers to help them power through and hit their goals. Consider creating a Facebook group with your clients to provide support while they work from their living rooms. There you can continue to coach them; you could also offer other resources, such as different healthy recipes, low equipment home workout solution’s and create themes across your month to stay connected. You will still be able to offer up your skills, knowledge and advice while supporting them to hit those goals you both have worked so hard to achieve.

With no indication of when ‘normal’ routines will resume and with predictions that the fitness industry won’t go back to the way it was, taking your business online will enable you to continue to grow your company while opening up to an even bigger online market!

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