Gyms are back! Getting back into training since COVID-19

Gyms are back

Gyms are back, and we are super excited!!

Although the gyms are back, we cannot expect things to be the same as before.  There are likely to be some issues getting back to the fitness level we were at before we were cast out. To make things easier for you, we have gathered all the problems you might found when going back to the gym and given you a simple solution.


Your body has likely gone through some reversibility!
That means you may not be able to push the same weights or perform movements as well as you did a few months ago.


Start with lighter weights and focus on endurance strength (higher reps) for a few weeks so that you avoid injuries, build up a strong foundation and allow smaller muscles to reactivate ready for heavyweights again in a few weeks.


You’re not allowed to train for as long, due to limited times and numbers in the gym.


Be more strict with your rest time, stay off your phone and this way you can get more done in less time.
Also, train specific muscle groups more often, for example:
Monday: Chest and triceps
Tuesday: Legs and abs
Wednesday: Back and biceps
Thursday: Shoulders and abs
Friday: Legs and lower back


The numerous social distancing rules and sanitising rules to remember.


There is not that much to worry about, but the following things are crucial for your safety and well being:
DO bring a large towel; not the tiny towel you used to bring. This is, o the whole machine/bench is covered when you use it.
DO bring your own water bottler with plenty of water as there will not be any drink fountain use.
DO bring deodorant and freshening up wipes as the showers are not in use yet.
DO keep your distance from people and be patient when waiting for equipment or re-racking your weights.
DO keep your hands clean and wipe the machine after use.

DO NOT get too close to other gym users – it is awkward for everyone and not allowed.
DO NOT come into the gym if you have a temperature or cough.
DO NOT train if you are feeling unwell – go for a walk or run outside or have a rest day.

The managers have gone to a great effort to provide a safe training environment so please follow the rules so we can continue to keep the gyms open and continue to train and hit our goals!

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